honest ~ simple ~ convivial

If you’re anything like me, recipes and articles on food, come in and out of your home (and head) with alarming frequency.  They’re everywhere – television, radio, books, magazines, movies, newspaper supplements and now with the advent of the internet and social media, it’s difficult to avoid them even if you wished to.   It would seem that the researchers are right, we can’t get enough of learning about food.

So finally I have succumbed to my private desire to join the public conversation.  I enjoy growing, cooking, eating, talking about and serving food so much, that I have established this recipe index to engage and share.

We’re particularly interested in discussing food as a way of building community and exploring what we feel is an increasing desire to return to the basics of honest yet flavourful food – uncluttered by complicated technique or fads. Food that makes one linger at the table and inspires conversation, friendships and connection.

Please note that we will ALWAYS acknowledge copyright and authorship of recipes unless we can’t ascertain such. If you see an unascribed recipe anywhere on this blog and know of its provenance, please let us know. We’ll gladly share the details. And we ask that if you reproduce this blog in any format, you repay the favour and acknowledge Caro&Co.