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Home grown parsnips courtesy of Georgie Neal.

Parsnip soup with mushrooms

  This combination of vegetables might seem a little odd but they work beautifully together in the simplest of soups. Have a go at making it.  Your family will wolf it down.   [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:38]   Delicious! What's your favourite soup? Until next time...         ... read more


Where to now…?

Do you remember moaning as you rolled out of bed e.v.e.r.y. single Saturday morning to take your child to a ridiculously early sporting fixture? I’m talking pre-dawn bird chorus peoples.  Once there, the chronic lack of parking and a million shiny, noisy excited kids milling around waiting for their game to start? Remember that there was ... read more


Snapper Pie or a simple fish dish…

  Every now and then I get things right on the cooking front.  This generally occurs when I don’t follow a recipe and use up whatever needs eating in the fridge.  And so it was last weekend. With the weather finally starting to cool and winter making itself felt (thank the God of Small Things), it was time to make a pie and I ... read more


Snowplough parents, dog poo and the benefit of idle parenting

Thursday last at about 2.00pm, I found myself in the drive-through section of McDonalds with four designer dogs and my mate Kayte.  I should never be surprised, as it is a strict requirement of hers that we do so whenever we head to my farm as she is somewhat addicted to cheeseburgers.   On the other hand, I always bewilder her, as my ... read more

Mushroom frittata

Mushroom, Rocket and Thyme frittata

A few people have asked for my recipe for mushroom frittata. It makes the perfect quick lunch or light dinner and is also great to make for a "take a plate" function.  I made a large frittata so halve the quantities if you are making in a small dish. If you want to beef it up a bit, consider adding some bacon or fresh ... read more


Peruvian ceviche with parmesan crisps

Many people believe that Ceviche originated in Spain once citrus fruits had arrived in Europe.  Although, most food historians agree that it is far more likely it has its origins in Peru or Ecuador.  I really don't care where it comes from, I just know that I love to eat it.  It is such a super tasty, healthy and clean dish and takes ... read more

Lentil Salad

Warm Lentil Salad with lemon and feta

Do your kids like pulses?  Mine aren't mad about them but once upon a time they made this warm salad and scoffed the lot.  I tend to sneak it into our family cooking routine once every couple of months. Lentils are an excellent source of fibre, iron, potassium and a stack of other goodies so are well worth always having on hand and ... read more


Creamy Garlic Soup

All the rain of late in Sydney has reminded me of a recipe I shared way back in 2012 because then it was also a soggy start to October.  Funny how one's brain works. The recipe is for a creamy (without cream), delicious and totally irresistible garlic soup.  I used a recipe by Heidi Swanson over at 101 Cookbooks who in turn had adapted ... read more


Pickled Red Onion

Want something that you can keep in the fridge for weeks and add to just about everything?  Then you need my pickled Red Onion recipe.  Sweet, sour, crunchy and fragrant ~ it's the bee's knees. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:32] The pickling process will develop over a few hours but it's even better if you can wait 24-48 hours before ... read more

Image via drawception.

Move over Princess…

I want to share with you part of a speech given recently by Dr Briony Scott, Principal at Wenona in Sydney.  Every time I listen to her I am left feeling exceedingly grateful that there are educators such as her whose passion and intellect are guiding girls. Here's some of what she had to say to over 200 15-year old girls... Turning ... read more