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A memory waiting to happen

Food is such a great memory-maker, don’t you think? Whether it’s the first time you crunch into a freshly-picked apple from your Grandma’s orchard, eat vegemite toast with the butter running down your fingers, grill prawns on a BBQ on a late summer’s day, bake a cake from scratch with your toddler (or grandchild) or prepare something on a grand scale for a gathering with friends ~ all have the ability to create memories of times well spent. Indeed, some of my fondest life memories revolve around meals I’ve shared with my family, both immediate and extended.


A Granny from a Granny

More importantly to me though is the conviviality and connection it affords. With the rush and busyness of everyday life, spending a good slab of time with my team at least once a day is something I treasure. Do this over a meal and that connection somehow amplifies itself. And this is especially so if each family member is involved in the preparation of the meal. I call it Team Chez Union in my home. Everyone has a role. My daughter is the baker; I am the cook. My son is the collector of condiments and the official setter of the table ~ he has become expert at folding serviettes into silly shapes. My husband has the not so great job of cleaning up but the dogs help him by eagerly hoovering up any crumbs that might fall to the floor. The cat? Well he just sits and eyes us all suspiciously. Strange creature.

I made the decision a long time ago that dinner would be the one meal that we would always share. When my children were little, this was somewhat problematic, as their Dad often didn’t arrive home until after 7pm by which time they were hungry enough to seriously consider eating the dogs’ biscuits. But it was important to me, so after a few (human) snacks and a little time watching TV, they were happy to wait. The upside of this is that their father adores the greeting he receives when he walks through the door. I still don’t have the heart to tell him it’s because his children are hungry enough to eat a horse. Now that they are teens and the waiting is a little less unbearable, they too relish Team Chez Union.

The team at Bupa knows that family matters and that we are stronger when we make time to nourish our family relationships and support each other. For ideas and tips on how you can keep your family team tight, head over to find out more about Bupa’s Team Family initiative.

How do you stay connected to your family?  What’s your go-to activity and do you think it’s important?

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Caro and Co

Caro and Co

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    Food is a ‘connector’ in our family too.
    Now that my kids are getting older I love that they are taking on the role of cooking some of family favourites and really understanding the joy of making and sharing food with people you care about.


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