Finding the quiet places…

Pencils sharpened for another school year...

Pencils sharpened for the school year…

With my children now charging through adolescence, heading towards the pointy end of their schooling and with extra-curricular and social commitments coming out their ears, it can sometimes be tricky to find time to have “those conversations” with them; well any kind of conversation really.

Sure, we have dinner together each night sans technology (and it’s a time I treasure), but the rest of the day finds us racing about frantically from one thing to another, like a bumblebee dancing from flower to flower. Our lives are full and happy but I need to work hard to make sure my family team stays strong, engaged and connected. To my mind communication plays a vital role in ensuring this.

So I look for the little quiet places where we can connect as a team without distraction, even just for ten minutes. They are more plentiful than you think.


Early morning walks…

We find them when we set off on our early morning walks with the pups. Whilst the kids would rather stick pins in their eyes than get up at sunrise; once forced to do so, the grumbling disappears and they happily chat about the week that has been or simply wonder at the things they are seeing around them.

We experience them on Sunday mornings. With the chance of a sleep in, I’ll often find two children, two designer dogs and a bewildered cat at the end of the bed eager to simply snuggle with us and listen to our city coming to life. It’s always a time of contemplation and love ~ for all of us.

Over the hills...

Long drives in the car…

Sometimes I’ll use the car as a prison. Driving, whilst tedious, offers the perfect place to ask tricky questions or pose curly conundrums. Once, at the beginning of a 10-hour car journey I told my children that I believed our entire universe was a speck of dirt under a giant’s toenail and that every other speck under said toenail was also a whole other world. After digesting this possibility, the kid’s easily slipped into a fantastic discussion about the many forms faith, spirituality and religion can take.

Conversation can be found in those small moments curled up on a chair together, watching a movie while the torrential rain of a summer storm pounds on the roof.


Baking a cake from scratch

Cooking something together often engenders talk about food, food sources and sustainability. In our home, this has also led to chats about those less fortunate than us.

Conversation, of any kind, even just a quick chat at the end of the day, keeps my family team tight, engaged and connected and I will continue to champion it.

The team at Bupa knows that family matters and that we are stronger when we make time to nourish our relationships and support our family team. For ideas and tips on how you can keep your family team tight, visit their Team Family initiative here.

Where are your quiet places and how do you keep the chats flowing?

Until next time…

Caro and Co

Caro and Co

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