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Costa Georgiadis Planet Ark Ambassador

Costa Georgiadis and an amorous tree man

At Caro & Co, we’ve long believed that discovery and wonder are to be found in the simplest of places and in the littlest of moments. In conjunction with National Tree Day, we’ve made a sweet, short video that explains why. We even managed to capture some of Costa Georgiadis‘* passionate words of wisdom. He is all kinds of awesome.

Given the above it would appear we’re onto something. As mentioned in the video, during the 15 years I’ve been writing about keeping kids connected to nature, I’ve asked every child and parent I’ve met the same question. “Name the one time in your life when you’ve been filled with a total sense of wonder.” 98% of respondents have said it was a moment spent outside. From climbing to the top of a tree for the first time, exploring the bush by themselves, canoeing down a creek, finding a discarded bird’s nest, watching the sun set or rise, swimming in the ocean, smelling the earth after a shower of rain, feeling empowered when the training wheels came off their bike, catching their first fish or yabby, building a fort or cubby, through to planting a seedling and watching it grow.

National Tree DayInterestingly, very few speak of traditional milestones such as getting their driver’s licence, graduating from school or university, their first job, losing their virginity or becoming a parent. Over and over, people speak of moments of connection with nature. They are always small things, little events; but people are deeply touched by them. No one is yet to mention technology.

Caro Webster photo on National Tree DayI experienced such a moment with Planet Ark by participating in National Tree Day. Sponsored by Toyota Australia, they do a great job of highlighting the need to cherish our environment and spend time outside. What I love most about the initiative is that it’s a hands-on event that encourages everyday people to stop and think about plants, connection and our place within the environment. Watching the kids delight in getting dirty, potting up seedlings and planting shrubs was hugely satisfying. So we made the video to celebrate.

Cute seedling imageHow do you help your kids find wonder in the everyday?

*Costa is the host and presenter of the ABC’s Gardening Australia programme.

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  1. says

    As I was reading, I was thinking back to my my fondest memories, and you are right they mostly center on being outside, enjoying nature. We spend a lot of time outside too, and go for regular walks in the beautiful spots around our city – including the wonderful arboretum. I reckon in the future my kids fondest memories will also relate to nature

  2. says

    Yes, you’re right. You never think back fondly to that awesome day that your favourite tv show was on. For me, my fondest memories are usually related to travel adventures we’ve had and when we travel we always spend so much more time outside than in. We live in a beautiful spot now with lots of great walking trails that can take you off into the bush and within minutes you can feel completely alone.. it’s a very cool feeling and one I’ll always remember.
    Also, I MUST remember to participate in next year’s tree day. Will be good to get the kids involved.

  3. says

    You are so right about the small things in life making the most impact. I am always happiest in my garden. My son loves climbing trees and so this year we spent national tree day exploring around our local area for new trees to climb. Such a fun way to spend a day with the family.

  4. says

    I love when my children stop everything they’re doing and focus on some small wonder in their world. Today a student in my class rushed up to me, desperate to share with me a tiny blossom petal that he’d found on his way to school.

    You’re absolutely right that my biggest moments of wonder have been outdoors. A good reminder that I need to get out more.

  5. Eleanor Jodway says

    Fabulous! Costa seems so vibrant and much of the same mind set as You! Maybe it’s just Australians period who are Great parents and role models!!(?) Thank You for Sharing this Day with Us Caro!!

  6. says

    It’s so easy to find wonder when you’re outdoors. This weekend we’ve seen two bugs stuck together (ahem – it is spring!), we saw our first sea snail in the sand flats at the beach and found three long wiggly green worms. You’ve definitely got to see it to believe/experience it. Beautiful video!

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