Bottle Brush, bottles and a very fine day…

IMG_6424I’ve just come out of the other side of having 20 people to stay at our farm over the weekend. Given we had a mass of work to do in the garden, it was serendipitous really. Together we made “Albert the Scarecrow”, planted our veggies and herbs for summer and handed the ride-on mower over to four very enthusiastic 12-year-old boys. Spring has sprung and the weather was beautiful with Lilac, Clematis, May, Osmanthus, Viburnum and Tea Roses flowering their heads off throughout the garden. We dusted off the outdoor setting and sat outside indulging in some slow-cooked food and a few bottles of sensational red. One such bottle was the award-winning Eighty Acres Shiraz Viognier (2012) from Taylors Wines.

Anyone who knows my husband and me well, knows how much we like a good red. Although, I’ll freely admit that, until I met Robert, I usually chose my wine based purely on the prettiness or quirkiness of the label. Slowly, but surely he has educated me to the point where I think I now have a pretty good understanding of what constitutes a good drop. Eighty Acres is one such wine.IMG_6426

However, what I REALLY like about this plonk is the fact that it’s carbon neutral. Since the launch of Eighty Acres in 2009, 4,200 tonnes of carbon have been offset as a result of their carbon neutral commitment. This is the equivalent of more than 21,000 cars being taken off the road travelling between Sydney and Melbourne. I love that. And they have just celebrated the planting of their 10,000th tree as a part of this commitment.

The team at Taylors Wines tell me that they see themselves as dedicated environmental stewards. Their philosophy adheres to the principle that the finest wines are those made with the greatest dedication. They believe environmental care is integral to this and hope other wineries will follow suit.  So do I.

But back to the wine. It’s a distinctive medium-bodied wine with aromas of spice and plum. I’m no expert, but it smells “intense” although doesn’t finish this way on the palate. I gave my 12 year old (he of the nose) a small sip, who proclaimed that he could taste vanilla and chocolate. I think he’s spot on. At only $15.95 it’s also a really affordable addition to the cellar.

This is not a sponsored post, although Taylors have given me 6 twin packs of Eighty Acres to give away. Simply be one of the first six to comment on this post and you’ve won*.  For more info on the range visit the Taylors website

Oh and I should add that I didn’t pay for my bottle of plonk and they also sent me a sheet of paper impregnated with Lemon Scented Callistemon seeds (Bottle Brush) which is now planted alongside all our other lovely plants. So sweet of them to do that.

IMG_6439 IMG_6444Until next time….

*Open to Australian residents only.

Congratulations to Reika, Briony, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Lesley and Lee-anne for being so quick to respond.  You have each won a twin pack of Eighty Acres.  Taylors will be in touch soon to arrange delivery. x


  1. Joyce Astbury says

    Eighty acres sounds a great red Caro. I’m partial to red wine myself, though I do like a cool refreshing white when the weathers hot. Your weekend on the farm sounded amazing. Wish I lived nearer! You had plenty of helpers then? Be great with your summer to look forward to over there and all the lovely flowers coming into bloom. I love all the pics of the plants and flowers you take. Your photos look like I could reach out and touch them and almost smell their fragrance too! We are gearing up for Winter here but it’s still
    a nice sunny Autumn day today so I’m making the most of it and clearing the garden a bit. I enjoy reading your blogs Caro. They’re always really interesting :-). Take care and enjoy the rest of your time there. Love and hugs. Joyce. X x

  2. Elizabeth Clare says

    Sounds wonderful. Spring is such a lovely time of the year. Makes you want to sit in the sun and enjoy the flowers, bees and birds

  3. says

    Caro, so excited to have a chance to win this Taylor’s wine. my husband loves a good red and while I had heard of Taylor’s did not know of the environmental angle. Great to know – will definitely be buying more

  4. says

    I have always been one of those people who chooses wine based on a quirky label! it doesn’t matter how much I try to educate myself about wine, I still go for the labels!

  5. says

    Like you, I too love a good red. Thanks for the heads up on this Taylor’s number and for sharing their philosophy as dedicated environmental stewards. I didn’t realise their position and now will love them even more. I’m certainly now looking forward to sampling this drop!

  6. Kevin Hussey says

    I haven’t tried their Shiraz Viognier, but I have tried other wines from taylors and usually very good. Would be keen to try

  7. Paul Maguire says

    Fantastic work guys! Keep up the great work!
    I haven’t tried this wine yet, but would love to taste please!

  8. Shelley says

    I too like knowing that the wine is being made while committing to the environment. It’s the kind of bonus that pushes me to keep buying one good brand.

  9. PENNY says

    Fabulous story! With what sounds like fabulous wine!!! I’m off to the bottle shop to try and find – nice to have something different to try. Px

  10. says

    What a beautiful garden you have and what a joy it was to eat crunchy salad at that outdoor table. Fresh silverbeet from the garden sliced up fine is a great replacement for lettuce. I enjoyed making coffee for lovely friends.

  11. Chris Day says

    That was a very good review, but I was more impressed with your website, the photos and the information you give has got me wanting to try you wine,well done.

  12. Rebecca says

    Great blog Caro & wonderful to hear about Taylor’s carbon neutral commitment.I had no idea that they were planting all those trees.More power to them for being pro active especially when there is still so much debate going on about global warming.

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