A welcome visitor…

DSC_0658 This morning I woke early.  It was cool and still, and from my window I could see the last of a coastal fog rolling away.

Quietly untangling myself from two sleeping children, I nudged the warm amorphous mass of puppies at the foot of my bed and together we headed downstairs to start up the engine room of my home for another day.

And then I spied something. A hint of acid green Wisteria leaves and a tightly formed white raceme  – slivers of promise bending themselves towards the morning light.

And just beyond this – a group of Iris buds. Richly purple, with heads thrust proudly upwards insisting that they be noticed.DSC_0659

None of this had existed when I’d gone to bed the previous evening.

Spring had come to my garden during the night.

I was mesmerised.

Until next time….


(Originally written by me in October 2012 for a lovely mate @wildelycreative ~ exactly the same thing happened this morning)


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