What dog poo, London and autumn have in common…



Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains. ~ Diane Ackerman

“Autumn’s coming, I can smell it,”  my son announced as we walked to school recently.  At the time I was hunched over the nature strip scooping up the gift one of our dogs had deposited on the nature strip, so any smells of autumn were momentarily evading me. “I can too,” added Grace. “It smells like leaves and soil and wetness. I think I can even smell the sun. It smells golden.” So, as we continued down the path, we set upon a game. It became our mission to identify as many smells as we could. It was a delightful way to amble to school. We had identified approximately 25 scents by the time we reached the school gates.

My son has the most extraordinary nose. So much so, that if he weren’t determined to be a architect, I’d suggest he pursue a career as a perfumer. Recently he announced that our laundry “smelled like London.” It took me a full day to realise this was because I’d switched washing powders and the new one was identical to one we had used on a brief stay in London two years previously. He told me it was a happy smell. The power of evocation eh? Another time, he told me Kipper (the poo culprit mentioned above) smelled like chocolate. Needless to say we found an empty chocolate wrapper hidden in the depths of the dog basket. He’s told me in the past, that I’ve smelled like love, like flowers, quite disgusting and like the farm. I’ve countered this by telling him that when he doesn’t wash his hair for a few days, he begins to smell like my Grandfather’s old corolla or the stinky gorgonzola of which he is so fond. That generally gets him into the shower.DSC_0008

If someone asked me what I simply refuse to do without in my home, it’s scented candles. There are always a few burning somewhere. Over the years I think I’ve tried every brand available. I’ve now found the one that I will always use. And in bold I will state that I have not been paid for this post. The owners of Sniff Soy Candles are two young Sydney girls with a really clear vision and ideal of what constitutes good scent. The candles burn true and last for hours and hours. I love them to bits. As one of the owners Alison says, “Sniff is a company inspired by memories, pleasure and above all, nature. The scents we have created are based on evocative smells from our childhood, places we have visited, plants that we love ~ anything that causes us to stop and sniff.” Her favourite smells are the river bank of the Derwent River where her Grandpa took her fishing, her rosemary and garlic potatoes in the oven, Chanel Eau De Cologne, the smell of the grass at the SCG, Korres Acacia Hair Conditioner and her Jasmine Rice Flower candle.

DSC_0013Me? I love the smell of the Australian bush, the air after a shower of rain, Daphne, Annick Goutal’s Eau de Charlotte, sage butter and my daughter. I also adore Sniff’s Sunday Wash Line, Walk in the Woods and Verbena candles.

Sniff Soy Candles have given me a voucher for $100 to give to one lucky reader*. This will get you around 3 candles. All you need do is leave a comment here on the scent you would ask the girls to turn into a candle. You never know, they may well take up the challenge! The winner will be chosen at random by my son ~ he of the nose.


Until next time…

*Offer only open to Australian residents. Competition closes 28 April, 2013.



  1. Sandy wallis says

    I love the smell of fresh lemon verbena and believe it would burn beautifully as a candle.


  2. Eleanor Jodway says

    Great post. I too am evoked to remember special moments, places and people; by smell. And tho I am not eligible for the gift voucher, I would still like to offer a scent idea. Sunday Dinner growing up was always roast beef. My mother would sear it in the oven on high for 10 minutes a side; and then turn it down to low to cook the rest of the way, (much the same way You cook Prime Rib). To this day, I cook roast the same way. And when I go to the shops and then come back home; the smell transports Me back in time….to My childhood, My Mother, (Who has been gone for 32 years), My childhood home. And if I were to close My eyes, I know I would feel the warmth of Family, Love and Sunday Dinner.
    Recently I put the roast in, seared, and turned it down; and headed off to shop. While in the pet store, a woman who worked there, stopped in the middle of the store and raised Her nose to the air and said, “It smells like steak in here! Delicious BBQ’d steak”. I chuckled as I walked toward Her , (knowing only too well that the smell was the seared Roast Beef lingering on My clothes), and waited to see what would happen. She whipped around, and said to Me…”It’s You! You smell delicious; like “Sunday Dinner”!
    So, obviously My suggestion is seared beef….so every day will smell like “Sunday Dinner”!
    Thank You Caro for drawing me into a beautiful vortex of Happy Loving Childhood memories!!

  3. Mishy B says

    Great post Caro love it! I think I’d like to see a candle that smells like that magic new born baby smell. It’s so precious and represents such a short period in time, replicating that would be like a magician casting a spell of happiness upon on all who came across it.

  4. Catherine says

    The smell of mischief – when I was little my mum would say when things were quiet she could smell mischief – it always made me laugh, smile and squeal with delight as I was usually up to mischief just like she said. My brother and I would be planning an adventure, or hiding under the table or be sneaking into each other’s room when we were supposed to be alseep, to jump into bed and read with the torch.

  5. Eliza says

    Smell is a wonder thing, such an easy way to bring back memories. I love a good Verbena candle but would love someone to try Fig and Olive, two of my favourite things and the scent of a favourite perfume over the years.

    Must try the sent idea on the way to school on Friday.

  6. Eliza says

    I’ve just a a good look around the Sniff site. They have Cup Cake! so I reckon they might manage Sunday dinner without too much of a problem!

  7. Sheena says

    I love all of these posts, and think every single idea should be spun into magic!!!
    I miss the smell of the custard bee stings you could buy at the bakers when I was a wee’n. My dad used to go over and buy fresh hot bread in the mornings and bee stings oooozing with gorgeous custard! He would torture myself and my 2 brothers by putting them in the fridge and telling us they were for morning tea when my Granny arrived. We would open the fridge and sniff them until they cooled and the scent faded. Oh man, the memories just writing this has conjured up are fantastic. Thanks for reminding me of something I truly had almost forgotten xxx

  8. Linda Petrone says

    Fresh Basil is a smell I’d like in a candle, brings me back to happy memories of Italy and my Nonnas garden. Love it when I have just picked a fresh bunch to cook with, feel like it sets my kitchen alive. Linda

  9. Tracy says

    The smalls of cookies baking in the oven always brings a smile to my boys faces. The little ones and the biggest boy and evokes memories of coming home from school sitting at the kitchen bench and dipping butter cookies into milo milk

  10. Bugalugx says

    A few favourite scents that spring to mind. The smell of rain coming, the aroma of bread baking in the oven, the smell of a freshly cut lawn. Actually, I could go on and on if I keep thinking about it…
    Will stop with those three, if the girls can do magic with these, I’d be in heaven.

  11. says

    How precious, Sniff sounds like it could be found at the top of the Faraway Tree. I used to eat rose petals drizzled with honey as a kid, so a rose & honey candle would whip me right back to mama’s kitchen table. Also; puppy!! :)

  12. Claire says

    Excellent post. Some scents and smells just pull you back to another time.
    The smell of fried onions always reminds me of being a kid at the summer fair in our village, whilst ginger nut biscuits remind me of being pregnant and sick!

    But in a candle to scent my home it would have to be the smell of baby talc.
    It smells of innocence. It is precious and delicate and makes you feel empowered to protect those you love.

  13. says

    I’m a sucker for the smell of lemon scented gums, nothing like their crushed leaves underfoot. Your sons sense of smell sounds incredible, amazing he could remember a smell from two years ago.

  14. Deb says

    I’ll always remember my favourite smell,
    Sticks in my head as clear as a bell,
    Waking up on a Saturday,
    While in my bed I lay,
    Dad’s outside cutting the grass,
    The fresh scent of green wafts in as he strides past,
    Can’t beat that fresh, green gassy scent I Sniff
    Both relaxes and excites me as a get a whiff

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