What’s in a photo?


Pretty in Pink

When I started my blog nine years ago, I did it to give my writing another outlet. I didn’t really have any intention other than that. I was genuinely clueless about blogging or websites and more so, had never heard of Twitter or Facebook, let alone Instagram or Pinterest. But all those years ago I was blessed to have some people around me who helped turn my bumbling efforts into something pretty.

The one image I was determined to use whenever I could was of my daughter Grace. She was just four at the time the photo was taken (by the very talented Katrina Crook) and it represented everything I hoped to convey about the importance of outdoors, staying connected to nature and finding a little wonder in the everyday. We had just returned from a visit to the local flower market and she had stumbled upon some peonies that were as big as her head. It takes me back to that day every time I look at it and reminds me of the wonder we experienced stepping into a large hall at a ridiculously early hour of the morning to find a million blooms just begging to be sniffed, held and taken home.

Nine years on and I now realize that your AVI (or the image you choose to represent yourself on social media), whilst tiny is important. Important because it is a reflection of you but also because (if applied consistently across all your social media handles) becomes a little subliminal visual that your readers become familiar with and hopefully watch out for.

So, if you’re just starting out in the blogging world my advice is to find one image that you personally love and apply that across all your social media. You never know, it might give you and your readers a little burst of happiness every time it pops up on the screen.

What’s your favourite image and why?  I’d love to see it…

Until next time…


For more tips, advice and ideas on how to find wonder in all you do, look out for my book “Caro & Co ~ Helping Kids find Wonder in the Everyday”, published by Sally Milner Publishing. Available from 01 December at all good bookstores and online. For interview opportunities please contact Jackie Evans on 0407 776 222 or jep.pub@bigpond.net.au

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