A tutor or a house elf?


What the?

I don’t know about you but I’ve given up pretending that I can help my kids with homework. Their maths now resembles something Sheldon of Big Bang Theory might have on a whiteboard somewhere; wading through Shakespeare is like trying to figure out the rules of a cryptic crossword (Shakespeare should be seen, not read in my view) and I (remain) clueless on how to determine whether a rock is sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous. Thankfully my kids muddle through, on the whole doing well with their studies. However, every now and then it would be tremendously helpful to have a tutor magically appear in our home. A little like a house elf would also be most welcome.

So I was thrilled to discover a new online service called YourTutor.com.au.

You simply create an account (at no cost), set up your child with a profile (better still let them do it) and then, when they need help with a tricky Physics question or how to find the right angle of something, they login, find a tutor* and instant message them to get the help they need.



The beauty of it, is that you only pay for the time your child is online with their tutor. So rather than being locked into paying for someone to come to your home for a full hour, you might only pay for 15 minutes, 5 minutes or half an hour ~ that is, whatever your child needs help with determines how long they use the service and how much you pay. For example, last night my daughter used it for a grand total of 10 minutes to get help with understanding how to figure out cube roots or some such thing. It took her no time to login, ‘chat’ to a lovely fellow and she now professes to “get it”. Mission accomplished. And it only cost about $10.

The site is open from Sunday-Friday, 3pm-midnight. This also means it’s entirely time-flexible. We no longer have to make sure we are home on a particular day or time, waiting for a tutor to arrive.

No hope.

No hope.

So if your kids are looking for a bit of help with their studies, consider YourTutor.com.au. It really is fab and very reasonably priced.

They have just launched a promotion where they are offering 30 minutes free tutoring to every Australian family. After that it’s just $59.99 (let’s call it an even $60 shall we?) per month. They also offer a range of different packages if your needs are greater. The best place to look at any pricing options is here.

Until next time but answer me this first…

Would you prefer a tutor or a house elf?

*All tutors are fully qualified educators and are real, living, breathing people.

This post is brought to you in partnership with YourTutor.com.au.



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