Nespresso garden pots. Huh?

IMG_0004This is an idea that’s been brewing (pun intended) in my daughter’s mind for some time. Nespresso seedling pots. My husband has come lately to Nespresso but has taken to it with gusto. So what to do with the dozens of little spent coffee capsules? Here’s what…

In Australia alone, over 20,000 Nespresso capsules are sold each year (that’s about 50 every week).  That’s a huge number of little plastic pots looking for a home after they’ve served their purpose of providing a morning shot of coffee. They are the ultimate disposable item and whilst we make the effort to scrap out the spent coffee grounds and throw them on our vegetable garden, we’ve always just thrown the pot away. So we decided to extend their life a little longer.

Image 8Here’s how you do it. Turn the pot upside down and using a small knife, poke a hole in the base (for drainage).  Pop it upright again and cut away the top of the pot. Now gently squish the pot down so it sits flat.  Take out 2/3 of the coffee grounds (toss them into the garden).  Now fill with potting mix and put in seeds of your choice. You only need one seed per pot. Give them water, sunshine and plenty of love. You might eventually need to transfer your seedlings into the garden as they outgrow their environment, but in the meantime they make such a pretty little display don’t you think?  My daughter thinks they look like fairy pot plants. Sweet huh?  Until next time.

Image 7



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