Christmas pizza?

I’m always on the lookout for new ways with food, particularly when it comes to tempting fussy eaters.  So when I found this wonderful image of a Christmas Tree pizza, I just had to share it.  It comes from a great little blog out of Sweden called Livet Hemma.  Whilst the blog is written in Swedish, the photos are inviting and make the recipes self-evident.  If you are a master of google translate (as I am), you can download the recipes. Happy Christmas!


  1. says

    My husband and I were chatting about Christmas and how nice it would be just to have it with our little family of four. I said I could do a real no-fuss Christmas. Hubby jokingly suggested that we have pizza on Christmas day. I need to show him this photo. The kids would love it, but we will be having guests over so I can’t get away with quite that level of non-fussery (it so is a word).

    • Caro&Co says

      Shelly, of course it is a word! Thanks for taking time to stop by. Perhaps you can do a pizza after the hubbub of Christmas and use up the left over ham? 😉


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