Honesty (gulp) the best policy?

I have been tagged by the delightful and ever surprising Ms Almeras of Grass Stain Guru fame for the Honest Scrap Award. Thank you Bethe for nominating me and for being prepared to learn more about just how eclectic and vaguely inconsistent I really am… :)

So it works like this. I have to share 10 really honest things about myself that you wouldn’t normally glean from reading my blog, following me on Twitter or interacting with me in any other social media format. And I have to tag 7 other bloggers to participate. I do wish I could tag more people….

Like Bethe, I believe this is a fun way of deepening relationships with the people I admire and respect, rather than yet another inane social media questionnaire or dorky cyber game.

So here are my ten in no particular order.

1. I have learnt (via a hairy abseiling experience) that when I am afraid, my language becomes very blue.

2. I am in awe of Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek – Next Generation. Come to think of it, most older, craggy, bald men make me quiver.

3. My love of green jalapeno peppers, porridge with brown sugar and strawberries, fresh roasted beetroot, sambal oelek, lombok, haloumi, ocean trout, green papaya, Herbert Adam’s jam donuts, Osso Buco, mashed potato, salt & vinegar chips, Vietnamese mint, Thai basil, quality rump steak, Bufalo mozzarella, Tasmanian scallops and Daim bars knows no bounds. Thankfully, I don’t yet eat them at one sitting.

4. Whenever I go fishing, I always catch one. Always.

5. I would pack up my family in a flash for the chance to live, work and #playoutdoors in Scotland. Especially if it meant frontage on the River Tay.

6. I believe in faeries and dragons. Really, I absolutely do. This is why I’d like to live in Scotland. I am certain they have an abundance of both.

7. I adore everything about being outside but I loathe camping. I hope that my #playoutdoors friends will continue to talk to me after this admission.

8. I am VERY afraid of moths, especially furry ones but, (see point 1), I am yet to swear at one.

9. I hate make up, shoes, bras and having my hair ‘done’. And yet I can be incredibly girly.

10. I write in ink and always will. And I’m currently having a love-in with 2B pencils.

So there you have it. Now I must away to make some porridge and consider swearing at a moth. All in a day’s work really…

What are you willing to fess up to?



  1. says

    I must have missed this when it was posted. What a delight to read more about you. Of course I completely understand no5. It’s 5 years now since leaving Scotland and I’m still very homesick but I do adore living here in BC.
    Like you I always write in ink and always will.
    Thanks for sharing Caro and tagging me, this is my 3rd tag so I better do something about it!

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