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My Pimple Poppers

A couple of nights back, I had a dream that one of my girlfriends had the most dreadful case of fester face I'd ever seen and she'd come over to have me squeeze the life out of the offending pimples.  She needed to have "perfect face" because she was heading out on a date with Barnaby Joyce.  I know right?  Seriously weird dream.  I defy ... read more


Avocado and Coconut Cream Soup

You know how sometimes you stumble across a recipe and love it so much that you automatically make it over and over until you know it off by heart and then it becomes one of your go-to dishes?  You very nearly run the risk of overdosing yourself and your family on it. Well this is one such recipe but to date, none of us are sick of it. ... read more


Cease and desist…

  No one is perfect. Infidelity, separation and divorce happen every single day worldwide - across all communities, religions and cultures for a multitude of reasons. And so to Barnaby Joyce. Apparently his marriage was finished well before he took up with his new partner. Perhaps he and his wife had fallen out of love over ... read more


When were you last sprung?

There’s been a lot of talk in our home lately about babies and all the paraphernalia that Mums-to-be buy or are given in anticipation of a bundle of joy joining the family (our oldest daughter is expecting her first child in April). One item that has caused debate is the need (or not) for a baby monitor. Way back in 2001 when I had ... read more


My new normal plus a few more swear words…

With the blink of an eye, 2018 is almost upon us and more than with any other shifting of the calendar, it has set me to thinking. 2017, on so many levels, was revolting.  Political leaders and processes around the world became bitterly disappointing as the year progressed.  Acts of terror continued to increase with the media's ... read more


Green IS good…

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Bhavana Organic Farm & Cooking School.  Nestled in the hinterland of the Byron Shire in northern NSW, it is so much more than just a cooking school.  The place kind of hugs you when you arrive and provides a day of inspiration, inclusion and love.  I know that sounds corny but it is so ... read more

Meet Blossom and Kipper, my favourite walking companions.

Marvellous May but no mojo…

I love May.  Not only do I get to celebrate my birthday, but in my part of the world it is autumn; my favourite season by far.  Skies are impossibly blue, the nights are crisp (so fires will be lit) and the changing leaves provide a panoply of every colour throughout the 'burbs.  All good right?  Except that sometime early in the month I ... read more


Exit stage left…

... OR WHERE HAS MY DAUGHTER GONE? Just like Snagglepuss (the whimsical pink mountain lion in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon of the early 60s), my teenage daughter has suddenly decided to "Exit, stage left!" Packed with her are the chatty conversations we used to have about her day, struggling together over a science assignment at ... read more

The hoodie was a big hit

Harry Potter heads to your wardrobe

THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED.  Winners will be notified soon! Read on if you have a Harry Potter-mad tween or teen because a funky (and stylish) Potter-themed clothing range has just been released and I have two full sets to give away. Way back in 1997 (in my early 30s and pre-children) I randomly picked up a copy of JK Rowling’s ... read more

Learning to unplug.

16 unplugged activities for teen girls

Last week I wrote a list of suggested activities you could introduce into your son’s life that might encourage him to more readily unplug. Today I thought I'd do a list for the girls. Only the merest hint of pink I promise.  Many on this list will also be of interest to boys but I know some will more readily resonate with your ... read more