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Dubrovnik. GoT, bivalves and mules…

Day 6 with Celebrity Cruises and I had begun to feel very much at home on board the Constellation. I had been terrified about seasickness but so far the ship’s stabilizers mean I’ve not yet had to reach for a ginger tablet. This morning we pulled into Dubrovnik. My sister was very excited about this port, as much of the old town ... read more


Whizzing through Split

Day five of our cruise onboard Celebrity Constellation and I'm getting more and more confused as we sail along the Dalmatian Coast. I’m not quite sure what I expected, but it certainly wasn’t the breathtaking beauty that greeted me each day. The quality of the food in each port leaves me confounded. As we headed for Croatia to visit ... read more


24 hours in Slovenia … let me eat

The downside about going on a cruise is that you are on always on a tight itinerary.  It's generally only 24 hours here, 24 hours there, with a few 'days at sea' thrown in ~ which is when the entire ship makes a bee line to the day spa or collects poolside, cocktail in hand. However, the upside to this type of travel (particularly if ... read more


Cruising, wonder and the Dalmatian Coast

When I told friends I was going on holiday on a cruise ship around the Dalmatian Coast, I have to say the bulk were skeptical, some horrified with truth be told, only a few genuinely excited for me. “A large cruise ship? You’re not old enough. It’ll be full of ancients!” “Oh my God, the food is sure to be vile.” “How can you bear the ... read more


A few days in Milan…

If you are taking a quick trip to Milan, here's a list of things you should definitely consider: Firstly though remember that if you are planning a visit during much of July and all of August, Milan tends to shut down as its residents take holiday time and flock to the coast to escape the summer heat ~ which can be oppressive. For the ... read more

Fads, fights and making the switch

Fads, fights and making the switch…

Do you fight over food in your home? I don’t mean literally flinging food at one another or clambering over each other to get the last bit of avocado in the salad. Instead, I’m interested in whether you all have the same beliefs about food. Do you have a Jack Spratt in the family? A vegetarian? A low-fat devotee? Someone who couldn’t care ... read more

Webster & Single

Bumpers of Champagne…

I've been meaning to tell you this story for years... Back when I was heavily pregnant with our first child (now the beautiful, 14 year old Angus), I lent my husband's cousin my family history because he was an amateur genealogist and interested in such things.  A huge (and mainly very dull) tome, it tells the tale of the Single family ... read more


Sleepy Head….

Do you sleep like a babe each night or toss and turn like a ship in a storm? I tend to fall asleep really quickly when I first get into bed (which means that it takes me months to get through a book) but then I’ll wake at about 4.00am and that’s it. My day has begun. It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, whether I forego alcohol ... read more


Roast pumpkin, spinach and goat’s cheese frittata

Last week I ordered English spinach as a part of my weekly online shop.  I recognise that there is nothing at all interesting about that.  However, I thought I'd ordered 400g.  Instead I ended up with 4 kilograms.  Let me give you the tip, despite spinach reducing tenfold when cooked, that's a lot of spinach.  It was delivered in a large ... read more


Scooby Doo and the case of the whacky Websters…

In my home, we love a good tradition, particularly when it involves each member of the family and spans the generations. I find it’s always the simplest of things that provide happiness and connection, even if they can be a bit odd. My family is not typical, as our ages, from oldest to youngest step down in lots of 12-14 years. For ... read more