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Chasing the moon…

Today I'm over at Life With Tweens discussing how you can help your daughter manage her first period. It's a huge time in their life and there is much you can do to make it easier (even interesting) for them. I encourage you to read the post if you ... read more


Mussels in cider with croutons

As a child, one of the first meals I cooked with my mother was Moules et Frites (Mussels and Chips). I remember to this day, washing and removing the stubborn beards of the mussels, all with a slight feeling of concern, as they looked somewhat like ... read more


Lamb, Pumpkin and Orzo casserole

When my children were little, one of their favourite books was A Pipkin of Pepper by Helen Cooper. I had to read it over and over. It begins…. Something was bubbling in the old white cabin. What was in the cooking pot? Pumpkin Soup. Made by a Cat, a ... read more