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The exquisite art of doing nothing

  Life can be rich without riches.  And it can be full without a cupboard overflowing with toys or a drawer stuffed with computer games. In 2017, it will be 16 years since I became a mother.  Whilst I was overjoyed at having a healthy baby boy, followed closely by a beautiful little girl just 18 months later, I still recall ... read more

Gotta love this bunny...

17 Christmas gifts that just keep giving…

Are you looking for some quirky Christmas gifts?  Then read on.  I present to you, Caro's inaugural Christmas gift guide. Catering to the person looking to buy something a bit different for family and friends... Something that will make them snort with laughter, wince with derision or head immediately to Ikea... Given the number of ... read more

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The (not so) mysterious case of the missing Freckles

The wonders and joys of being a dog owner.  Read on. If you're contemplating buying a puppy for Christmas, this might make you think twice... Once upon a time there was a sweet but slightly wicked Cavoodle named Blossom. She lived with her family on the lower North Shore of Sydney in Australia. Blossom loved her life. Her family ... read more

Doing "nothing" and enjoying it.

How to get your kids to down tools and head outside…

Today my book Caro & Co ~ Helping Kids Find Wonder in the Everyday finally goes on sale. To celebrate, I thought I'd share some ideas on how we as parents or carers can actually get our kids out the door and build on a love of nature & outdoors and to experience wonder at little or no cost. Five Simple Things: Mix the ... read more

Dirt is good!

12 reasons to turf your kid outside…

I believe there may well be a silent movement afoot.  Parents are again starting to realise how important it is to replace large slabs of their kids' screen time with a healthy dose of green time each day and we would also appear to be understanding that it doesn't need to be hard...It's not that we're trying to turn our children into ... read more

Looking through Wendy's Garden to the CBD

So you want to visit Sydney…

I've recently had more than a dozen friends from overseas ask me about Sydney as they are planning to visit.  I won't suggest that their sudden urge to visit/relocate has anything to do with Brexit or the election of Trump because that would be mean.  Instead, I thought you might be interested in what I shared with them (based on a week ... read more


8 ways for kids to use Mint

Mint is one of my favourite herbs. It is super easy to grow, smells beautiful, has a multitude of uses and it’s also good for you… Here’s my go to list of fun (and delicious) things you and your kids can do with mint: Dip it in chocolate. Pick a handful or so of large mint leaves, wash well and gently dry with some paper towel. Melt ... read more

A recent collection. Everything was found in our garden.

Memory makers…

Memory is the mother of all wisdom ~ Aeschylus I was watching the elm blossoms fall outside my window this morning and it led me to think about how powerful and evocative reminiscing can be. You see it reminded me of when my daughter stuck some snow into a journal.  She was about eight at the time and did it after spending 10 ... read more


Springing into spring with your children…

Sometimes the simplest of everyday activities can provide the greatest pleasures and create a profound sense of wonder in our children. This is particularly so during spring when there is so much going on outdoors that it’s hard not to be swept up in the general joie d’ vivre. Here are a few easy, inexpensive things you might like to ... read more


What’s in a photo?

When I started my blog nine years ago, I did it to give my writing another outlet. I didn’t really have any intention other than that. I was genuinely clueless about blogging or websites and more so, had never heard of Twitter or Facebook, let alone Instagram or Pinterest. But all those years ago I was blessed to have some people around ... read more