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Webster & Single

Bumpers of Champagne…

I've been meaning to tell you this story for years... Back when I was heavily pregnant with our first child (now the beautiful, 14 year old Angus), I lent my husband's cousin my family history because he was an amateur genealogist and interested in such things.  A huge (and mainly very dull) tome, it tells the tale of the Single family ... read more


Sleepy Head….

Do you sleep like a babe each night or toss and turn like a ship in a storm? I tend to fall asleep really quickly when I first get into bed (which means that it takes me months to get through a book) but then I’ll wake at about 4.00am and that’s it. My day has begun. It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, whether I forego alcohol ... read more


Roast pumpkin, spinach and goat’s cheese frittata

Last week I ordered English spinach as a part of my weekly online shop.  I recognise that there is nothing at all interesting about that.  However, I thought I'd ordered 400g.  Instead I ended up with 4 kilograms.  Let me give you the tip, despite spinach reducing tenfold when cooked, that's a lot of spinach.  It was delivered in a large ... read more


Scooby Doo and the case of the whacky Websters…

In my home, we love a good tradition, particularly when it involves each member of the family and spans the generations. I find it’s always the simplest of things that provide happiness and connection, even if they can be a bit odd. My family is not typical, as our ages, from oldest to youngest step down in lots of 12-14 years. For ... read more

angus and mummy on grass 2

Get your Milo on….

I was contacted a while back by the team at MILO who wanted to share some research they have undertaken.  It scared the tripe out of me.  I knew kids weren't getting enough exercise, but the research results are frightening.  Amongst other things, it shows that, as I guessed, it's not the kids, but us that need to take the lead on getting ... read more


Love Actually….

Yesterday I found myself at Arrivals A at Sydney Airport at 6.00am wriggling with excitement, waiting for my daughter to arrive home. She'd been away for almost a month with her Grandma touring around the U.S.  It was all business class, 6-star, private tours, chauffeurs and once in a lifetime opportunities for her. A very precious and ... read more

Country Terrine

Moments of Wonder #3

Welcome to Moments of Wonder for the months of March and April, 2016. March and April saw autumn again fail to find a foothold. I am becoming desperate for cooler weather and much-needed rain. With late snow in New York and temperatures in the high 20s (celsius) for much of the time in Sydney, Mother Nature has become seriously ... read more


Barbie gets real. Kind of…

Were you into Barbie when you were little? I was never particularly interested in her; instead my toys of choice were a pair of "Klik Klaks " and a Holly Hobbie Doll.  They went with me everywhere until one day I lost the Klik Klaks by letting go of them and inadvertently hurling them to the top of a large willow tree.  There they ... read more


Moments of Wonder (Feb 2016) and some BRILLIANT news

Welcome to Moments of Wonder for the month just past; February 2016. I have related to the witch out of The Wizard of Oz as I spent most days feeling like I was melting. It has been horrendously humid so I am very relieved that we are now into autumn (in Sydney) and I’m looking forward to the humidity packing itself off to the other side ... read more


The great disappearing act…

There is little wonder to be found in this post. Instead I offer you a cranky face in all its reddened glory. My face looks almost identical, but no, I will not be including a photo of that ~ many of you would be traumatized as a result. Let’s consider for a moment shall we, where the bulk of Australia’s media are. The disappearing act ... read more