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When did your prejudice fail you?

The other day I went to a blogger function which was held in a truly stunning home on Sydney Harbour.   It had stonking views of the bridge and opera house, was four or five times the size of my terrace ~ truly, my entire home would have been the ... read more

50 not out - Caring for our greats - Caro & Co

50 not out…

I turned 50 this year and with that milestone came the rushing realisation that I am now officially middle-aged. Indeed, in some surveys and government forms I’m considered to be on the cusp of old age. I now have to tick the 50+ box whenever I fill ... read more


Chasing the moon…

Today I'm over at Life With Tweens discussing how you can help your daughter manage her first period. It's a huge time in their life and there is much you can do to make it easier (even interesting) for them. I encourage you to read the post if you ... read more