Harry Potter heads to your wardrobe

THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED.  Winners will be notified soon!

Read on if you have a Harry Potter-mad tween or teen because a funky (and stylish) Potter-themed clothing range has just been released and I have two full sets to give away.

Way back in 1997 (in my early 30s and pre-children) I randomly picked up a copy of JK Rowling’s first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. From that moment I was totally hooked on Harry Potter and remain so. I struggle to think of a more gifted writer of children’s books of this century. I went on to devour each of the books as they were released and as my children were born, did everything I could to inculcate them with all things Potter. It worked with one, not so much the other. My daughter, now 14 has read each of the books at least four times and I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve watched the movies together.

One happy witch!

One happy witch!

Such was my fan girl crush on JK Rowling, I remember dressing my kids as a witch and wizard (what else?) and dragging them in 2005, way too early in the morning, to a bookstore in anticipation of the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Grace, despite a cranky face at being woken so early went on to win the title of The Best Witch of Beecroft. It was a proud mama moment.

A Gryfindor through and through

A Gryffindor through and through

So I was thrilled when Warner Bros. Consumer Products asked me if they could send me the exclusive Harry Potter apparel range to review. Grace happily played model. What I like about the range is that it is funky without being too commercial looking. Additionally, even if your child isn’t a Harry Potter fan, the clothes can easily be incorporated into their street or sports clothing.

The hoodie was a big hit

The hoodie was a big hit

My only personal negative is that I wish Rowling hadn’t chosen maroon and yellow for Gryffindor (blurgh) but as a friend said she was probably remembering her own school uniform when the colours were chosen as most school uniforms leave much to be desired, even it would appear, in the wizarding world. I might add my daughter loves the maroon hoodie ~ go figure.

Potter street wear!

Potter street wear!

The Harry Potter Tween’s apparel range is available exclusively from Big W stores across Australia. They are incredibly reasonably priced. The Harry Potter track pants are $19, the two tees just $15 each and the hoodie only $25.

So, if you have a Potter-mad tween or teen and want the chance to win a full set of this clothing range, simply leave a comment here on my blog telling me which Potter character your kid loves most and why.

Oh and one other thing, the sizing appears small to me. Grace is normally a size 10-12 and the 14 was snug, so head up a couple of sizes when selecting.

Until next time my wizarding friends…

This post is brought to you in partnership with Caro & Co and Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

Terms and Conditions:

Please indicate your preferred size and Warner Bros. Consumer Products will do their best to meet your request.
The competition closes on Friday 17 February, 2017. Comments submitted after this time will not be considered for the giveaway.
This is a game of skill and creativity. Each valid entry will be judged on creativity and originality, not by chance.
The prize will be posted to the winner by Porter Novelli after they have been notified of the address, preferably by email.
The Harry Potter Tween apparel set from Big W has an RRP of $74; prizes are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable.
Competition is open to Australian residents only. Sorry to my international buddies…








  1. says

    OMG Best news ever! My nine year old Potterhead will be so excited!

    I bought him an adult sized ladies xxs tshirt for Christmas which is still too wide in the shoulders but he loves it. So glad to see kids sizes that might actually fit him!

    He keeps doing ‘which Harry Potter character are you?’ quizzes online and gets mad when he always gets someone who died! LOL He has a soft spot for Ron but his all time favourite character is Dobby… because he can do a great Dobby impression! LOL

    (He wears a kid’s size 10-12 t shirt but bigger would be better for him so he can wear it longer! LOL)

  2. Briony Tyquin says

    My 12 year old was waiting for her letter to Hogwarts this year. She would have loved to go and sit in the same seats as her idol Hermoine Granger.

    She would be a size 16 girls or a 10 adults

  3. Belinda Edwards says

    This is such good news! Miss 9 is only just beginning her Hogwarts adventures, we have started with the first two films plus a trip to Universal Osaka’s Wizarding World, but she already identifies with brave and whipsmart Hermione. She also attended a science workshop these school holidays to learn how to make potions – I love that these books, films and merchandise inspire kids to learn, be strong and be kind. She would probably get most wear out of a size 14 set.

  4. Bek says

    Our daughter is obsessed with HP, and is always reading or watching.
    Her favourite would be Hermione.
    She would definitely love this range of clothing..how exciting!
    Size 14 would be perfect. Thanks

  5. says

    Ohhhh my 8 year old is Harry Potter obsessed, and has been for quite some time! (Luckily I am happy to indulge him as I love HP too!).
    When he was 6, he came to me and said he had just read the first 2 chapters of The Philosopher’s Stone, I almost cried and told him he was NOT allowed to read it without me!
    I promptly went out and bought him the illustrated version, and he read it to me every night. It took almost a year but he got through it! Now we are halfway through Chamber of Secrets.
    I just asked him his favourite character and he said “Harry of course!” in a very judgey voice (like, who else would it be Mum?)
    When I asked him why, he said because he’s awesome (he is 8 lol), on prompting though he said because he is brave and fights hard :)

    (oops sorry for the novel haha! Also he would probably need a size 10-12, thanks so much!)

  6. David says

    Remus Lupin. He is the teacher everyone always wished they had, the great mentor that, apart from being a wonderful teacher, is the one to seek advice from (kind of like a guardian that Sirius becomes for Harry when they finally meet).

  7. says

    My son’s favourite is Harry, whereas my daughters both adore Hermoine! Needless to say it causes fights when they’re playing make- believe Hogwart’s games, both wanting to be Hermoine, but instead having to take turns being Ronald Weasley! A size 10 to 12 would be large enough to fit all 3 kids, so nobody misses out.

  8. David Braybrooke says

    Harry, because he is the absolute, magically inspired hero figure! Once read never forgotten, once loved never relinquished. Expecto Adorum!

  9. Bronwyn David says

    My son’t favourite is Luna Lovegood. It was her birthday this week! We didn’t celebrate it .. we aren’t as dotty as her? She appeals to my son because she is different and doesn’t mind being so – and is accepted with all her quirks.

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