12 things I refuse to apologise for…

Are there some things which you do that mortifies, amuses, embarrasses or gladdens the heart of your friends and family?  Here are mine…

  1. Insisting that my children are my “friends” on social media. I have had to solemnly swear that I will never tag or share anything with them but I figure because their weapons of choice are Snapchat or Instagram, they’ll let the occasional “proud Mama moment” go through to the keeper on Facebook.

    Such deliciousness

    Such deliciousness

  2. My abiding love of Freckles. Generally made with low quality chocolate and covered in sprinkles, they are the thinking woman’s after dinner treat. Seriously.
  3. Relishing difference of opinion.  It’s what keeps us vibrant, engaged and forces us to reflect on the diversity of the world around us.  It matures our brains.  It embeds love deeply into our hearts.  I will continue to refuse to just seek out comfortable, same-same opinion.
  4. Licking the dinner plate with my fingers. The art lies in one’s ability to keep the doing of it a secret from others; a skill I’m proud to report that I’ve passed to my daughter. My grandmother is currently turning in her grave.

    Such a wicked man...

    Such a wicked man…

  5. My abhorrence of Donald Trump. I will not sit quietly and contribute to the collective forgetting of the man that he really is.
  6. My love of MKR. A heavily scripted and prescriptive reality programme yet I c.a.n.n.o.t stop watching…

    Use with caution...

    Use with caution…

  7. My love of the magic to be found in the world. My mother and a sister always accuse me of being too full of imagination; chasing fairies, writing endlessly about dragons and trolls and not concentrating on the real world. Bite me.
  8. Insisting that my family sit down each night to share our evening meal. No technology, no TV babbling in the background ~ just discussion. It’s a time I treasure and I will continue to insist upon it.
  9. Avoiding bras, shoes and make up at all costs. My friends call me the Mosman Hippy but I’m happy, even if my breasts do sit somewhere down near my belly button.
  10. Collecting representations of owls.  Yes, I’m one of ‘those’ collectors. At last count I had about 50. Such beautiful creatures.

    I want...

    I want…

  11. Embarrassing my children by stopping and patting every dog and cooing over every baby I come across on the streets of Sydney.
  12. My love of Eurovision knows no bounds and it is my mission to convert as many people as I can to this quirky European festival of trashy pop.

What do you refuse to apologise for and why?

Until next time…

Caro and Co

Caro and Co

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  1. says

    I refuse to apologise for my passion for old British comedy shows – hello The Two Ronnies… and the most excellent BBC SCotland show Rab C Nesbitt. My kids don’t understand it at all but it’s all deeply meaningful and profoundly hilarious to me.

    Unlike your good self, I am making an effort not to mortify the twins in public with the cooing to babies and chatting to cats thing. They only recently started finding me very embarrassing and even though they’re the ones who have changed not me, I shall afford them some relief… whilst continuing blithely on when alone.

    Agree with many others… and really MUST get round to watching an episode of MKR.

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