When kids, dogs and a fertile imagination collide

Last week I announced to the children that we needed to get the dogs’ hair cut despite the temperature plummeting as winter approaches.  “It’s because of the constant mud and leaves being dragged through the house, but mainly it’s the grass seeds,” I explained.  “They get stuck in their hair and can end up lodged under the skin.  They’re nasty things.  Besides, they are indoor dogs, so they won’t feel the cold too much.”  I promptly booked the pooches into the local vet for a “Number 2 please.”

Later that day we collected two slightly bewildered and shivering dogs.  The haircut was simple, effective and all that was required.  However, one child, who shall remain nameless, decided the dogs needed a little extra snipping and took matters into his her own hands.  Said child explained that she had gone for this particular style as she loved the Truffala trees in The Lorax and wanted to recreate the look. Huh?  Really?  “Congratulations on your beautiful imagination and creativity my child, but next time, let’s try it out on paper rather than our pets.”  Between you and me, I think she did a wonderful job channelling Dr Seuss, although I fear we will have to book the dogs into therapy as a result.  What do you think?

And, as you know I’m always one to encourage responsible risk-taking, but I’ll think twice next time I let a 9 year old loose with a pair of scissors and a look of wily determination.

Until next time…

The perfect canine Truffala tree

From this....

To this.....

"Maybe I can chew it off".


  1. Eleanor Jodway says

    OMG….that is too cute! She only did the tail…yes? Or did she do the complete cut? If she did, I think she has a new vocation! Stylist to the Star Doggies! LOL :)))

  2. says

    he he he this made me giggle…

    One of my almost nine year olds has a passion for cutting her own hair… STILL… I fear she may never grow out of it, but at least she isn’t sporting a trufula tree!

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